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Full Tilt Power Grab


It’s Friday, Pizza Day in my house. The highlight of my day tomorrow is going to be picking up 24 chicks for my 10 year old son. Keeping strange hours, up way too late. Shut-down blues.

Twitter has been an entertaining place watching the Flynn expose unfold. Not a pretty picture, not expecting anyone noteworthy to go to jail, but it’s looking promising like Comey and a few of his minions might head to the gallows. As they should.

Late night check-in on The Boston Globe – only noteworthy because I own a business in Boston and Holy Toledo! Not sure how I missed it but the Editorial Section today ran today Proposed Temporary Income Tax Increase .

My immediate reaction was, “Are these people smoking crack?”

We’re fighting for our lives out here. We’e on the front lines. Businesses are shuttering but we’re all doing our best to hang on and get through to an opening of the economy. To avoid public sector cutbacks you want a temporary 1% increase in the income tax? You want MORE money from those of us still on the battlefield?

Perhaps I was overreacting, then I notice two other headline editorials: MA needs to focus on Covid Data not Opening Dates for the Economy and lastly Let’s Decomodify and Democratize Work .

Now I can’t sleep.

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s epic rant of Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy it’s worth every second – warning on language: Portnoy Rant

Who is The Boston Globe? It’s owned by billionaire John Henry (Boston Red Sox) and pet project of his second wife, Linda Pizzuti Henry who will never be touched economically by the Covid-19 crisis. I’d expect little less from these Davos, globalization cheerleaders. But, seriously? You are so tone deaf to the struggles of small business – that is shameful.

70% of The City of Boston’s budget is funded by property taxes. If we can’t pay – you don’t get paid. In the meanwhile The City of Boston has gone on record saying that they anticipate no furloughs, layoffs or cutbacks for public employees at this time.

My take away is, I guess we’re going to fight an internal, ideological war while trying to allow the country’s economy to rebound. That’s going to make it a lot harder. It’s looking like re-opening is going to be a Red State v. Blue State process, with the Blue Staters hoping to throw the election to Biden (in his basement.) I’m a Red Stater with a business in a Blue State – not optimal.

Blue Staters better hope that Nancy Pelosi’s promises of remembrance in return for shut down holdback after they win the Presidency, Senate and keep the Congress aligns with the voter’s will. Red Staters better get ready for a population influx as those of us interested in working look for a place to do so.

A lot of lives, families, businesses hang in the balance which disconcertingly seems to be the last concern of federal or local government officials.

We’re either doomed or on the brink of Trump actually draining the swamp. Only time will tell – and there ain’t that much left of it. And so many of us have much to lose.