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My Corona? So Yesterday: Meet Looting & Shooting


The Age of Trump has shown us there is nothing we shouldn’t expect. However moving from “flattening the curve” of Covid-19 into race rioting was jarring and unforeseen.

I’ve moved to “shelter in place” in another state. My child’s school was reduced to “online learning.” Young adults have missed graduations, proms and lifetime benchmarks. Businesses have been shuttered. Restaurants may not reopen. Grandparents and veterans appear to have been slaughtered in the mismanagement of state-run nursing homes. There is supposedly a “new normal” no one can define. The economic ramifications cannot even yet be calibrated.

We’re all scared, vulnerable and unsure. And now we have looting and shooting in many US cities? Thank God liquor stores have been declared essential.

We know the story and it isn’t a good one. On Monday, May 25th 46-year-old African American #GeorgeFloyd was arrested in Minneapolis, MN for allegedly buying a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was subsequently arrested and the tragic events leading to his death occurred.

ALL of America was in agreement – it didn’t look good. But we were united in our disappointment and concern.

It looks like police brutality. It looks like murder. It looks like their were other officers involved, who either assisted or looked the other way. And a man is dead. In no way should this tragedy be diminished.

But currently in this country there is due process. That process was underway. People sadly took in more bad news but the slow wheels of the judicial system began to move ahead.

Then all hell broke loose. By Monday, June 1 the country was on fire. Literally.

There was rioting in Minneapolis, which quickly spread to Washington D.C. and NYC. Then to California, LA and caught like wildfire.

On Saturday night I happened to be at a social gathering. Albeit a Covid approved small one, but came home and happened upon twitter.

Holy S&*^, both D.C. and NYC are on fire. I sat transfixed until 2 AM watching people literally trying to break into the White House, lighting fire to buildings in downtown Washington and NYC thrown into mayhem.

Below is Jack Murphy’s live periscope broadcast of being in the midst of last Saturday night’s protests in Washington, D.C. It’s wild and worth a watch, even at 20 minutes long. Harsh language warning:

Jack Murphy Live DC

I was alarmed. This is the United States. How could this happen?

My regular home is in Boston. Seeing what had happened I knew that spelled big trouble. Sunday night 20,000 protestors assembled, supposedly peacefully, on the Boston Common. Then all hell broke loose.

They looted and rioted all over Newbury Street, Boston’s Rodeo Drive. Stores like the UGG Store and Alex & Ani and Nike were broken into. Chanel had boarded up their windows and the boards were ripped off and the store gutted. There were burning dumpsters in Downtown Crossing, now known as Washington Village or Mid-Town with its two glistening Millennium Tower projects. Then the heathens got into Copley Place ransacking Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and clearing out Canada Goose of $1,500+ down parks with fur collars. They took ubers home with the stolen merchandise.

My friend is a senior police officer. He was on the job from 4 PM until 4 AM. He said in his 32 years in the job he’d never seen anything remotely like it – the willingness of so many young people to commit criminal acts, flagrantly. The city was in flames.

And it was preventable. Anyone who had a twitter feed, like me, could see the potential for real destruction to happen. There was a day’s warning. Had Governor Charlie Baker called in the National Guard earlier tens of millions of dollars of theft and vandalism perhaps could have been avoided. Did they think it couldn’t happen here?

I happened to be on Newbury Street on Tuesday. It was all boarded up. Is this acceptable in civilized society? Is this part of the “new normal” tax paying citizens and productive members of society are supposed to accept?

Then the real madness came into focus. It seemed out “leaders” were having strange reactions to these criminal acts.

The Boston Police Commissioner posted this to social media:

Police wearing protective headgear would be too intimidating to protestors? The Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts, Maura Healey was quoted as saying “America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.”

Suffolk County DA Rachel Rollins, an angry bi-racial woman and well-known Soros’ funded radical’s response was ““People are disgusted and outraged, and they should be. And it is completely ironic to have to say to you, ‘Please don’t be violent. Please keep your voice down. Please be silent and comply with all of the police’s requirements,’ when in fact it’s those very people that murder us with impunity. But that’s where we are right now.”

Excuse me? What? This is actually coming from the mouth’s of our top law enforcement officers? There is something very, very wrong here people.

Then the media hyped their spin. It’s one of their favorite boogeymen, the nefarious “white nationalists”. Also knows as the MAGA hat crowd who beat up Jessie Smollet, at 2 AM in Chicago, at Subway, throwing bleach and dangling nooses in -12 degrees.

Were they really going with this?

In short order even they realized the footage wasn’t going to substantiate that narrative, so as ANTIFA came into focus, they settled on “white supremacy groups” and Nazis. Far Left AND Far Right groups were wreaking coordinated havoc on our cities.

Pallets of bricks were mysteriously appearing along riot routes. Then images like this with #baitbricks started popping up on Twitter.

President Trump was 48 hours late in his address to the nation. He assured us he us the law and order President. Somebody better be getting on this mess. But until the flames are put out in NYC and DeBlasio is effectively sidelined, it looks like chaos will reign.

Why are Blue State leaders resisting federal assistance? Is it to prevent Trump from having a win? If so, I don’t think American voters are going to choose anarchy.

70% of ALL Americans support National Guard intervention. 58% support bring in the United States Military. Your falling approval rating might today be in the middle of those two statistics Governor Charlie Baker. November can’t come soon enough. But until then? And who is going to run against these winners?

This is not to mention Covid-19.

As I said to Charlie Baker’s aide yesterday – “You’ve taken our kids out of school. You’ve closed our businesses. You’ve lectured us every day like we’re little kids not capable of making good decisions. And now you’re going to allow this to happen? Please tell the Governor, this is unacceptable.”

Local, state and federal governments have an obligation to protect their residents. And they seem to be waiting for a forrest to grow.