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Harvey & Irma, DACA, Emmys, Manafort & Rocket Man

1060x600-bc28b0b851ddd74e071accc241b15e5fWhat is the Sam Hill is going on?

Florida is devastated by Harvey and Irma marches through Texas. Trump nonchalantly tells Obama’s Dreamers to hit the road. The obtusely sycophantic Hollywood set thinks the rest of us care about their political opinions. No one watches. Trump flips off the UN, brands North Korea’s Rocket Man and Mueller’s FBI haul Mr. & Mrs. Manafort out of bed at gunpoint. Not necessarily in that order.

We all knew Trump would be good at hurricane recovery efforts. This is what he does – he builds buildings orchestrating a life size erector set. He solves problems and gets results. This is how he built his fortune.

And he loves people. In my opinion, this is the single largest factor the cognoscenti have missed. Trump loves the people. He loves seeing them, talking to them, getting in the trenches, hearing their stories. The elitist preach to us from the halls of Washington and their air conditioned cars knowing nothing about the regular human experience.

What did the press cover? Melania’s shoes. That she wore heels on Air Force One and how unrealistic that was for storm patrol. Really?

Noticeably absent in the MSM – gratuitous photo ops of Mr. Trump and hurricane survivors. Absent as well was the mass hysteria of the botched recovery effort, meaning it was going well.


Irma hit Florida on the 8th and with hurricane prep well underway on September 5th Trump and Jeff Sessions announce, somewhat casually, that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was essentially illegal and would have to go. I groaned wondering why on earth Trump would bring this up right before hurricane arrival.

In retrospect it looks like a very crafty move.

The Main Stream Media predictably went bananas. This was horrific, unAmerican, “not who we are.” Pics of the Statue of Liberty weeping promptly made their way through Instagram and Facebook.

Many think this topic, essentially Amnesty and/or iterations of it, is the most essential discussion of our time. The most crucial to the cultural debate – keeping America in the spirit envisioned by our founders or making the shift to a Socialistic, European like highly subsidized society.

We somehow lose the key argument in the hysteria. The Democrat’s plan for shifting the United States into the utopia they envision is to allow the existing illegals in the US to stay (starting with the Dreamers,) give them voting rights, then allow them to bring their families to the US and gradually shift the US electorate to a firm D for decades to come. Or with declining US birth rates, perhaps permanently. The quid pro quo obviously being that this class of new Americans will almost exclusively vote Democrat.

There are approximately 11 Million illegal immigrants currently in the US. The numbers vary and some are drastically higher. If the US gives Amnesty to 11M people, what do we do with their families? America cannot possibly turn her back on the families of huddled masses – they must come too. If 11M have on average 3 family members (most likely more) you suddenly go from 11M to 44M. At the current population of 325M in the 2016 election 58% or 128,864,246 people voted. 65,884,610 were With Her and 62,979,636 voted Trump. 11M votes alone is 8.5% or the current electorate. With their families in tow and the respective math it’s a slam dunk for the Dems.

Let’s get it straight – that plan, the great cultural shift, is what we are talking about. Not the racist smokescreen, dogwhistle bullshit being thrown up by the MSM.

Onto the Emmys.

My breath is taken away by the arrogance, the complete lack of understanding, the colored ribbon wearing of Hollywood’s most “esteemed” cast of characters. Firstly, movie returns are in the trash, if no one has noticed. I for one will not go to a theater or allow my children to go because (likely paranoid, but substantiated) movie theaters are potential terrorist targets. Given the garbage movies are today and individualized programming of NetFlix, Amazon and HULU, perhaps the Emmys carry more water now that the Oscars. This interesting phenomenon oddly is rarely discussed.

Stephen Colbert as the host exemplifies that tone deafness of the industry. I’m not sure what Sean Spicer was doing there. Either suffering from PTSD or looking for new career options. Alec Baldwin, recovered drug addict who notoriously called his daughter a pig on recorded voice mail, is clearly gaining traction with his Trump impression. Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda dragged poor Dolly Parton into the act, but (although she looks spectacular) Fonda’s political antics are well known.

I happened to be a fan of the HULU series depicting Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. It was well-done and provocative. NO, it has nothing to do with Trump’s vision for America. That’s a real stretch folks. It’s good viewing and I encourage people to watch it but the exploitation of subject matter is yet another move of desperation by the left.

Elizabeth Moss (best known for Mad Men) has exemplified herself as a courageous risk-taker in Hollywood putting forth innovative projects. Literally offering your middle finger with a handful of Emmy Awards is indeed poor behavior and beneath someone who has achieved so much.


That is what happened, but how it happened is mind-boggling. It appears these folks primp and prepare, oh and ah and expect the rest of America to stay tuned while they bash the President, the country, the 63M people who voted for Trump and decry the democratic process. These are dangerous waters folks.

It’s infuriating and sheer narcissism that we should care. Why would want to hear their opinions? It is crude, crass and misguided. And wrong. They apparently spend more time with their trainers and stylists then the ratings tabulators. Long term I’m not sure what happens when 63M people tune out.

As for Manafort, Russia still looks like a nothing burger. Maybe it’s too soon to say but from the outside looking in it resembles the First Stage of Grief as detailed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in Death & Dying: DENIAL.

Rocket Boy will be forever known. He’s insane, dangerous and the North Korean regime has starved or executed an estimated between 240,000 and 3.5M people in the past 70 years. In a country with a population of 25M this is possibly the largest human rights crisis of my lifetime. Rocket Boy is without a doubt one of the baddest hombres out there.


The UN has long deserved the middle finger extended by Mr. Trump. They’ve been wasteful, arrogant and ineffective. The MSM watches aghast. Trump supporters are happy their guy seems to be emerging from a self-imposed shadow and is back to business telling people he’s going to Make America Great Again.

Get out of the way.








That is how I feel. Disgusted.

As a news junkie – someone who looks forward to the weekend in part to read Peggy Noonan’s WSJ column (more so before she got so preachy) I just can’t do it anymore. It is joyless. And has become gross.

Trump and his administration keep stepping in it. The House Republicans have found a new planet called Delusion. What’s left of their party are orbiting somewhere in deep space. Democrats are vacillating between free fall and full crack up. The Main Stream Media are just plain liars. Sad, corrupt, pathetic and bitter, sore, sad losers.

Being an ardent Trump supporter I have wanted to be positive. To not criticize when it seems he’s up against the world. But frankly, this should have been anticipated. If you don’t know how to run the White House or form an administration – get someone who does. Outsource.

Paul Ryan – REALLY? Where have you been for the past eight years? We get a crack at this Obamacare thing and you guys suddenly don’t have a plan? Really? How about messaging – Obamacare did absolutely everything the Republicans said it would. It needs to be taken out back and shot. We’ll save a few good pieces of it – pre-existing conditions, staying on your parent’s policy until 26 (hey if you are living in their basement, why not) but other than that it’s a stuffed head for over the mantel.

And while you are at it, maybe taking less recess and vacation time and showing up every now and again might win you elections. Your approval rating is still 10 points lower than the media. Voters tend to like people who show up for work.

John McCain – no one and I mean NO ONE wants to hear anything from you. Unless it is a public service announcement for term limits. And your sidekick Lindsey Graham comes in a close second. So zip it.

This Russian FIASCO is so stupid. Just plain stupid. So what’s the premise – the Ruskies hacked Podesta’s emails which revealed how truly odious Hilary’s people really are? This is how Wikileaks influenced the election? The Main Stream Media went to great pains not to report on it. It really only appealed to political nerds, like myself and another handful of fellow Twitter followers.

We all know why Hilary lost the election. It wasn’t related to anything or anyone in Moscow.

Which bring us to the Democrats.

Schumer however annoyingly melodramatic is just doing his job. Much better than his Republican counterparts did by the way. Elizabeth Warren’s shill twitter tantrums have her dipping in the polls even in deep blue Boston. Maxine Waters is still battling her way out of a paper bag. Tim Kaine’s son was arrested for violent student protests. And the Biden’s son’s marital dramas are making us all feel normal.

But despite Soros’ bankrolling and Obama’s new roommate Valerie Jarrett and “shadow government” they are still without vigor, youthful leaders and new ideas. Their staggering losses under Obama’s Progressive doctrine have not led to any moments of self-reflection or consideration as to how they might recapture the hearts and votes of the vast voting block which is mentally and physically the middle of America.

The media are just vile. Their hysteria about absolutely every issue has exhausted most people I know. The reaction is the same to everything that comes out of the White House. The premise that Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Jake Tapper or Martha Raddatz even have a blink of impartiality is no longer on the table. Their daily full-frontal assault on the President and the reaction to EVERYTHING he imposes have wearied even the most regular readers and watchers. Mika and her inamorata Joe Scarborough, teetering on the brink each morning drive off the steep cliffs of mental anguish. They are all now outed as unabashed talking heads for the DNC.

The only funny thing to have emerged was Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. That was genuinely funny. The box of tricks MM used on SNL was a moment of gifted comedy. Alec Baldwin and the rest are too mean. And that woman who played Hilary and now Kelly Ann Conway needs to go. Impressions are only funny when one is good at them. Enjoy if you haven’t seen it.

All of this makes Sodom and Gomorrah a preferable destination to Washington DC.

What a mess.