Donald Trump is Going to WIN AGAIN…

After the worst set of circumstances close to ever, I predict that tomorrow and in the coming days, Donald Trump is going to win the presidency. Again.

I also predict he takes over 300 electoral votes, close to 25% of the black vote and perhaps over 30% of the hispanic vote. In 2016 136 million people voted. As of now (10 PM EST 11/2) 96 million people have voted. I predict we will see 150 million voters, maybe 160.

The electoral vote is going to be strong enough to prevent this dragging on into the abyss which was widely predicted but recently backed off by the MSM and pundits.

I’m privy to some internal polls and I think there is a good chance we flip the House. Why? Because challengers in seats that are not even seen as competitive are outpolling Democratic incumbents. (Rep. Chris Pappas D-NH 48 to R Matt Mowers 50, Florida 13 Christ 45% to R Luna 48%, Florida 21 Frankel 46% to R Loomer 48%.)

Going way way out on a limb, I’m also going to predict Kim Klacik who made the best campaign commercial I’ve ever seen ( ) wins in Maryland’s 7th District. It’s a Scott Brown long shot, but she’s a dynamo who speaks the truth and she can help the people there, who desperately need it.

The Senate is most concerning. Ernst is going to pull it out in Iowa. John James is going to flip the seat in MI. But it’s going to be razor thin. I predict 51-49 R to Ds. I think Susan Collins will lose her seat in Maine, but they raised $100M to take her out as retribution for her Cavanaugh support. The lying and wife-cheating NC D incumbent Cal Cunningham should go down, but we live in a world largely without consequences.

It would be nice to think Democrats will take a step back and reflect as to why they lost. Unlikely. But since they have completely detached themselves from the American public, this is why they lost (in no particular order):

Your candidate is suffering form dementia and you are trying to pretend no one notices. It’s elder abuse. And frankly rather sad.

You are really running Kamala Harris who polled at 2% when she ran on her own. This isn’t the local Girl Scout Troop folks – this is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Here’s her husband saying so:

Biden’s campaign is based on a lie – the Fine People Hoax. Trump repeatedly condemned Neo-Nazis and White Supremicists.

The Main Stream Media is an absolutely disgusting display of bias, dishonesty and are now self-admitted shills for the DNC. They should somehow be held accountable for blatantly LYING to the American people.

You have completely suppressed the Hunter Biden story. Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden were selling out our country to the CCP for a pretty penny. Mark Zuckerberg looks like a rejected cast member from Star Trek and Jack Dorsey appearing as half hobbit half exile from an ashram somewhere far far away. They think they have the right to censor free speech – it’s completely not relatable to the country at large.

You have obvious distain for the American people – you want us to do as you say not as you do. Here’s Lady Gaga proving to Pennsylvania voters what the Democratic Party really thinks of you:

If I’m wrong DJT can say it took a Covid-19 pandemic, BLM, Antifa, looting and rioting, Pelosi paper-shredding, Russia-Russia-Russia, Fake News, Steele Dossier, Golden Shower Videos, AOC + 3 and basically the denial from the left from the very day he was elected, to accept the outcome of the election. He can say he left it all on the field.

But mostly they will lose because they think America is a bad place. Because they think it’s acceptable to go on Facebook and tell all Trump supporters to literally “fuck off and un-friend me.” I’m your childhood friend, I know three generations of your family. And I should fuck off because I don’t agree with you? That’s odd behavior isn’t it?

We believe in America. We love our country. Are there flaws in our system? Yes, like all great things. But here anyone can be anything they want to be. This country has provided more prosperity, hope and freedom to more people than anywhere else in the world. And Donald Trump believes in us. He loves our country. He respects our flag.

We’ve also seen what your brand of law has done to your cities – to CA, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Homelessness, rampant drug use in the streets. Defecation, fornication. We think it’s nuts to talk about electric cars while your state is literally on fire and you can’t keep the lights on. We know it’s unlikely NYC will ever make it back when DeBlasio has two years to go. We know on an average weekend more than 20 people get shot in downtown Chicago and that if Black Lives really mattered you’d find that unacceptable.

And we don’t want you to do that to our beautiful country and our way of life. And I think that you’ll see today that we’re right. That we’re tired of being told that we’re racists and bad people. That we want to make our own decisions about our lives and families and businesses. That we are optimists who believe in goodness and have hope for the future.

And I predict that today you will see that there are more of us than there are of them.

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