Unmasking a Bee Swarm

swarm insects bees honey

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Given the utter absurdity of our daily lives now, nothing can really be considered odd or unexpected.

Having recently taken up beekeeping I am noticing how Twitter mirrors a beehive. There’s a rhythm of activity to bees. And then there is swarming – something you want to avoid, which can be explained in broader scientific terms, but is a chaotic event interrupting the cadence of the hive.

With the revelations of the “unmasking” of Mike Flynn, there was a swarming event. Twitter erupted today. Something changed.

What really happened will become clear in the coming days and weeks and perhaps months. Many of us have known and anticipated these events, but have perhaps been discouraged with so much time passing and nothing happening.

It must be noted that nothing beats Trump’s timing – in the midst of a Caronavirus plague, shut-down face off, press cage match, Fauci-Brix standoff,  introduction of the bombshell blonde press secretary, killer hornets are coming, new normal, never to eat in a restaurant again, vaccine will take five years, but maybe two months and if you got it we’re not sure if you can get it again, oh but kids might now be getting it, we’re not sure what we are all inevitably facing (even though our Covid-19 death models were 90% inaccurate and we’ve crashed the US economy and Dems are making the biggest attempted power grab since FDR) when everyone is sure he is done – BOOM all of the sudden declassified documents are released which prove the savage and relentless tactics of the Obama White House.

Dishonest, nefarious, ruthless, underhanded, exploitive, life-threatening for the victims, blood-thirsty for the potential victors, reckless, so risky to democracy and the underpinnings of our country’s Constitution – yet there they are. Facts in black and white.

Using the FBI, Trump’s opposition framed a guy – a 33 year veteran and Lieutenant General of the US military. Bankrupted him. Threatened his family. Yet, all of the sudden, there they are for the public to see and make a decision about how sentiment will go.

Joe Biden, the nice but forgetful guy in the basement, was the last unmasker on the list. Those of us in the know, we know they did it. We know why the did it and have no doubt that they’ll do it again. But we also know it isn’t up to us.

The future of the country is basically held in four states – Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. And what will those folks make of it all?

The press will spin and deny it. Sadly, there seems no accountability for them. The Twitter template for the Democratic Party looks like LIE, SPY and then DENY.

There will be lots of buzzing and noise but the future of our democracy basically comes down to how average Americans in four states feel about their daily life in the beehive.



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