14 Valentine’s Day Observations


i. Donald Trump intends to keep his campaign promises. With his business background it seemed likely that Trump spent the time period between Election Day and Inauguration Day not celebrating but planning for a transition. He’s got big plans and the reality TV fantasy football team lined up to execute. He’s been in office 26 days and has made the most of it.

ii.The Democrats have no idea what has hit them.The Main Stream Media is done. Hollywood has doubled down. The Democrats have no message, no leaders and no platform. Trust in the Main Stream Media is at an all time low. Their blatant bias has made facts negotiable and sourcing of them variable. Everyone wants to shoot the messenger. Hollywood is becoming increasingly irrelevant and seemingly oblivious to the options their neighbors in Silicon Valley have provided to consumers. Who goes to movies? Or concerts? There is a critical disconnect between supply and demand. A crucial spanking is in order for all.

iii. IT ISN’T A TRAVEL BAN! The protestors have no clue why they are marching. These laws are on the books. The entire presentation is misinformed. People do not have an unbridled right to enter our country. Are the protestors saying they prefer illegal aliens to citizens? Hysteria has ensued. This is a problem.

iv. The Tale of Two Steve’s. The dynamic duo behind the curtain is likely Steve (Bannon) and Stephen (Miller). One is front of the house, Miller, while Bannon runs the guts of the gig. Bannon has the strategy; aggressive, unrelenting, cerebral, all encompassing with an understanding of social media platforms. Bannon is a Google ghost. Miller is the messenger. It takes real chutzpa to use the Sunday show’s time against themselves. Karl Rove was dubbed “The Architect”. Stay tuned for clever monikers for Batman and Robin.

v. Trump’s twitter feed is not going anywhere. It is the way he directly reaches “The People.” In the words of Dr. Seuss: “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!” If you want to know what he’s thinking, get a twitter handle. And follow @realdonaldtrump .

vi. Trump’s Team may need to Reorganize. Kellyanne Conway did a great job winning the election. Trump could not have done it without her. He needs to differentiate the campaign from the administration. I sense Trump has tremendous loyalty making it difficult for him to let people go who have succeeded on his behalf, but he must reorganize. He must make the White House go.

vii. Soros, Clinton and the “Shadow Government” is a problem. The paid protestors are a problem. The Clinton’s remain a problem. The opposition and the leaks are a problem. The Democrats have always had the messaging machine, the turn-out machine and the social media platforms. Hopefully Batman and Robin have an emerging plan. Anarchy is not helpful and at some point becomes dangerous.

viii. Melania Trump will not be a typical First Lady. The Trump family will remain front and center. Melania is going to do it her way and her son is her top priority. The media and Trump opponents will chip away at everything. This savvy Eastern European beauty has seen how the opposition has treated her husband, her family and her son. On the backside she’s going to do it her way. Prediction: surprising resilience and strength and admiration from the American public; sadly approval ratings slightly lower than the Michelle Obama mirage.

ix. Discussion about Illegal Immigrants and Amnesty are really about building a SUPERMAJORITY for Democrats. Forever. The plan was to bleed out, bring more and more people into the country who will be forever grateful for entitlements and better lives. In return they would vote Democrat and keep the tidy aristocracy in place. The fact no one is discussing this is INSANE.

x. Meaningful Conservative voices have slowly been emerging. Fox News, Milo Y, twitter and emerging voices are giving range to formerly stifled Conservative constituents. Milo claims that Conservatives are the “New Punk”. The ridiculousness on elite college campuses only feeds the fire. Identity politics are failing. Progressive policies do not perform economically. The stifling of dissenting voices defies who we are as a nation. It is failing. People are listening. This is heartening.

xi. Consumerism is going to change.  Milo Yanopoulis has long said that Conservatives can declare market share. He who has the gold makes the rules. The premise being basement dwellers don’t have money for the movies. As an alternative consumer flexes their muscles expect a shift – take note at Joy Villa’s Trump dress at the Grammys. Her music sales skyrocketed.

xii. Democrats are a long way from ROCK BOTTOM. The longer the Democrats remain confused, the more elections Conservatives win. Democrats are moving away from centrists which is dangerous given the number of seats the Dems need to defend in 2018. They are going to run Progressive candidates against moderate Democrats in districts Trump swung out from under Obama. Republicans are going to run Centrists in districts that Trump carried. The disconnect could not be more clear — Dems should expect record losses in 2018 regardless of what Trump does. If Trump’s policies are successful and accepted by the working class, especially in fly-over states, God help them. Obama and the Progressives gutted the party. Democrats are still in denial and declaring Trump is #notmypresident.

xiii. Elizabeth Warren for 2020. As of today, there is no introspection on the part of Democrats. They are bearing hard left and running Pocahontas for the next election. There is no one less in touch with the American public and the voters they have lost (other than Nancy Pelosi who was just re-elected to the Minority Speaker of the Senate). Keep on keeping on folks.

xiv. Trump supporters will not abandon him. They like seeing the change. They believe the system needs shaking up. They have a sense of humor. He may not be perfect but he’s what we’ve got. Mr. Trump remains our Valentine. We have no where else to go. We are in this for the long haul.

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