Donald Trump is Going to WIN AGAIN…

After the worst set of circumstances close to ever, I predict that tomorrow and in the coming days, Donald Trump is going to win the presidency. Again.

I also predict he takes over 300 electoral votes, close to 25% of the black vote and perhaps over 30% of the hispanic vote. In 2016 136 million people voted. As of now (10 PM EST 11/2) 96 million people have voted. I predict we will see 150 million voters, maybe 160.

The electoral vote is going to be strong enough to prevent this dragging on into the abyss which was widely predicted but recently backed off by the MSM and pundits.

I’m privy to some internal polls and I think there is a good chance we flip the House. Why? Because challengers in seats that are not even seen as competitive are outpolling Democratic incumbents. (Rep. Chris Pappas D-NH 48 to R Matt Mowers 50, Florida 13 Christ 45% to R Luna 48%, Florida 21 Frankel 46% to R Loomer 48%.)

Going way way out on a limb, I’m also going to predict Kim Klacik who made the best campaign commercial I’ve ever seen ( ) wins in Maryland’s 7th District. It’s a Scott Brown long shot, but she’s a dynamo who speaks the truth and she can help the people there, who desperately need it.

The Senate is most concerning. Ernst is going to pull it out in Iowa. John James is going to flip the seat in MI. But it’s going to be razor thin. I predict 51-49 R to Ds. I think Susan Collins will lose her seat in Maine, but they raised $100M to take her out as retribution for her Cavanaugh support. The lying and wife-cheating NC D incumbent Cal Cunningham should go down, but we live in a world largely without consequences.

It would be nice to think Democrats will take a step back and reflect as to why they lost. Unlikely. But since they have completely detached themselves from the American public, this is why they lost (in no particular order):

Your candidate is suffering form dementia and you are trying to pretend no one notices. It’s elder abuse. And frankly rather sad.

You are really running Kamala Harris who polled at 2% when she ran on her own. This isn’t the local Girl Scout Troop folks – this is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Here’s her husband saying so:

Biden’s campaign is based on a lie – the Fine People Hoax. Trump repeatedly condemned Neo-Nazis and White Supremicists.

The Main Stream Media is an absolutely disgusting display of bias, dishonesty and are now self-admitted shills for the DNC. They should somehow be held accountable for blatantly LYING to the American people.

You have completely suppressed the Hunter Biden story. Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden were selling out our country to the CCP for a pretty penny. Mark Zuckerberg looks like a rejected cast member from Star Trek and Jack Dorsey appearing as half hobbit half exile from an ashram somewhere far far away. They think they have the right to censor free speech – it’s completely not relatable to the country at large.

You have obvious distain for the American people – you want us to do as you say not as you do. Here’s Lady Gaga proving to Pennsylvania voters what the Democratic Party really thinks of you:

If I’m wrong DJT can say it took a Covid-19 pandemic, BLM, Antifa, looting and rioting, Pelosi paper-shredding, Russia-Russia-Russia, Fake News, Steele Dossier, Golden Shower Videos, AOC + 3 and basically the denial from the left from the very day he was elected, to accept the outcome of the election. He can say he left it all on the field.

But mostly they will lose because they think America is a bad place. Because they think it’s acceptable to go on Facebook and tell all Trump supporters to literally “fuck off and un-friend me.” I’m your childhood friend, I know three generations of your family. And I should fuck off because I don’t agree with you? That’s odd behavior isn’t it?

We believe in America. We love our country. Are there flaws in our system? Yes, like all great things. But here anyone can be anything they want to be. This country has provided more prosperity, hope and freedom to more people than anywhere else in the world. And Donald Trump believes in us. He loves our country. He respects our flag.

We’ve also seen what your brand of law has done to your cities – to CA, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Homelessness, rampant drug use in the streets. Defecation, fornication. We think it’s nuts to talk about electric cars while your state is literally on fire and you can’t keep the lights on. We know it’s unlikely NYC will ever make it back when DeBlasio has two years to go. We know on an average weekend more than 20 people get shot in downtown Chicago and that if Black Lives really mattered you’d find that unacceptable.

And we don’t want you to do that to our beautiful country and our way of life. And I think that you’ll see today that we’re right. That we’re tired of being told that we’re racists and bad people. That we want to make our own decisions about our lives and families and businesses. That we are optimists who believe in goodness and have hope for the future.

And I predict that today you will see that there are more of us than there are of them.

My Corona? So Yesterday: Meet Looting & Shooting


The Age of Trump has shown us there is nothing we shouldn’t expect. However moving from “flattening the curve” of Covid-19 into race rioting was jarring and unforeseen.

I’ve moved to “shelter in place” in another state. My child’s school was reduced to “online learning.” Young adults have missed graduations, proms and lifetime benchmarks. Businesses have been shuttered. Restaurants may not reopen. Grandparents and veterans appear to have been slaughtered in the mismanagement of state-run nursing homes. There is supposedly a “new normal” no one can define. The economic ramifications cannot even yet be calibrated.

We’re all scared, vulnerable and unsure. And now we have looting and shooting in many US cities? Thank God liquor stores have been declared essential.

We know the story and it isn’t a good one. On Monday, May 25th 46-year-old African American #GeorgeFloyd was arrested in Minneapolis, MN for allegedly buying a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was subsequently arrested and the tragic events leading to his death occurred.

ALL of America was in agreement – it didn’t look good. But we were united in our disappointment and concern.

It looks like police brutality. It looks like murder. It looks like their were other officers involved, who either assisted or looked the other way. And a man is dead. In no way should this tragedy be diminished.

But currently in this country there is due process. That process was underway. People sadly took in more bad news but the slow wheels of the judicial system began to move ahead.

Then all hell broke loose. By Monday, June 1 the country was on fire. Literally.

There was rioting in Minneapolis, which quickly spread to Washington D.C. and NYC. Then to California, LA and caught like wildfire.

On Saturday night I happened to be at a social gathering. Albeit a Covid approved small one, but came home and happened upon twitter.

Holy S&*^, both D.C. and NYC are on fire. I sat transfixed until 2 AM watching people literally trying to break into the White House, lighting fire to buildings in downtown Washington and NYC thrown into mayhem.

Below is Jack Murphy’s live periscope broadcast of being in the midst of last Saturday night’s protests in Washington, D.C. It’s wild and worth a watch, even at 20 minutes long. Harsh language warning:

Jack Murphy Live DC

I was alarmed. This is the United States. How could this happen?

My regular home is in Boston. Seeing what had happened I knew that spelled big trouble. Sunday night 20,000 protestors assembled, supposedly peacefully, on the Boston Common. Then all hell broke loose.

They looted and rioted all over Newbury Street, Boston’s Rodeo Drive. Stores like the UGG Store and Alex & Ani and Nike were broken into. Chanel had boarded up their windows and the boards were ripped off and the store gutted. There were burning dumpsters in Downtown Crossing, now known as Washington Village or Mid-Town with its two glistening Millennium Tower projects. Then the heathens got into Copley Place ransacking Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and clearing out Canada Goose of $1,500+ down parks with fur collars. They took ubers home with the stolen merchandise.

My friend is a senior police officer. He was on the job from 4 PM until 4 AM. He said in his 32 years in the job he’d never seen anything remotely like it – the willingness of so many young people to commit criminal acts, flagrantly. The city was in flames.

And it was preventable. Anyone who had a twitter feed, like me, could see the potential for real destruction to happen. There was a day’s warning. Had Governor Charlie Baker called in the National Guard earlier tens of millions of dollars of theft and vandalism perhaps could have been avoided. Did they think it couldn’t happen here?

I happened to be on Newbury Street on Tuesday. It was all boarded up. Is this acceptable in civilized society? Is this part of the “new normal” tax paying citizens and productive members of society are supposed to accept?

Then the real madness came into focus. It seemed out “leaders” were having strange reactions to these criminal acts.

The Boston Police Commissioner posted this to social media:

Police wearing protective headgear would be too intimidating to protestors? The Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts, Maura Healey was quoted as saying “America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.”

Suffolk County DA Rachel Rollins, an angry bi-racial woman and well-known Soros’ funded radical’s response was ““People are disgusted and outraged, and they should be. And it is completely ironic to have to say to you, ‘Please don’t be violent. Please keep your voice down. Please be silent and comply with all of the police’s requirements,’ when in fact it’s those very people that murder us with impunity. But that’s where we are right now.”

Excuse me? What? This is actually coming from the mouth’s of our top law enforcement officers? There is something very, very wrong here people.

Then the media hyped their spin. It’s one of their favorite boogeymen, the nefarious “white nationalists”. Also knows as the MAGA hat crowd who beat up Jessie Smollet, at 2 AM in Chicago, at Subway, throwing bleach and dangling nooses in -12 degrees.

Were they really going with this?

In short order even they realized the footage wasn’t going to substantiate that narrative, so as ANTIFA came into focus, they settled on “white supremacy groups” and Nazis. Far Left AND Far Right groups were wreaking coordinated havoc on our cities.

Pallets of bricks were mysteriously appearing along riot routes. Then images like this with #baitbricks started popping up on Twitter.

President Trump was 48 hours late in his address to the nation. He assured us he us the law and order President. Somebody better be getting on this mess. But until the flames are put out in NYC and DeBlasio is effectively sidelined, it looks like chaos will reign.

Why are Blue State leaders resisting federal assistance? Is it to prevent Trump from having a win? If so, I don’t think American voters are going to choose anarchy.

70% of ALL Americans support National Guard intervention. 58% support bring in the United States Military. Your falling approval rating might today be in the middle of those two statistics Governor Charlie Baker. November can’t come soon enough. But until then? And who is going to run against these winners?

This is not to mention Covid-19.

As I said to Charlie Baker’s aide yesterday – “You’ve taken our kids out of school. You’ve closed our businesses. You’ve lectured us every day like we’re little kids not capable of making good decisions. And now you’re going to allow this to happen? Please tell the Governor, this is unacceptable.”

Local, state and federal governments have an obligation to protect their residents. And they seem to be waiting for a forrest to grow.



Full Tilt Power Grab


It’s Friday, Pizza Day in my house. The highlight of my day tomorrow is going to be picking up 24 chicks for my 10 year old son. Keeping strange hours, up way too late. Shut-down blues.

Twitter has been an entertaining place watching the Flynn expose unfold. Not a pretty picture, not expecting anyone noteworthy to go to jail, but it’s looking promising like Comey and a few of his minions might head to the gallows. As they should.

Late night check-in on The Boston Globe – only noteworthy because I own a business in Boston and Holy Toledo! Not sure how I missed it but the Editorial Section today ran today Proposed Temporary Income Tax Increase .

My immediate reaction was, “Are these people smoking crack?”

We’re fighting for our lives out here. We’e on the front lines. Businesses are shuttering but we’re all doing our best to hang on and get through to an opening of the economy. To avoid public sector cutbacks you want a temporary 1% increase in the income tax? You want MORE money from those of us still on the battlefield?

Perhaps I was overreacting, then I notice two other headline editorials: MA needs to focus on Covid Data not Opening Dates for the Economy and lastly Let’s Decomodify and Democratize Work .

Now I can’t sleep.

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s epic rant of Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy it’s worth every second – warning on language: Portnoy Rant

Who is The Boston Globe? It’s owned by billionaire John Henry (Boston Red Sox) and pet project of his second wife, Linda Pizzuti Henry who will never be touched economically by the Covid-19 crisis. I’d expect little less from these Davos, globalization cheerleaders. But, seriously? You are so tone deaf to the struggles of small business – that is shameful.

70% of The City of Boston’s budget is funded by property taxes. If we can’t pay – you don’t get paid. In the meanwhile The City of Boston has gone on record saying that they anticipate no furloughs, layoffs or cutbacks for public employees at this time.

My take away is, I guess we’re going to fight an internal, ideological war while trying to allow the country’s economy to rebound. That’s going to make it a lot harder. It’s looking like re-opening is going to be a Red State v. Blue State process, with the Blue Staters hoping to throw the election to Biden (in his basement.) I’m a Red Stater with a business in a Blue State – not optimal.

Blue Staters better hope that Nancy Pelosi’s promises of remembrance in return for shut down holdback after they win the Presidency, Senate and keep the Congress aligns with the voter’s will. Red Staters better get ready for a population influx as those of us interested in working look for a place to do so.

A lot of lives, families, businesses hang in the balance which disconcertingly seems to be the last concern of federal or local government officials.

We’re either doomed or on the brink of Trump actually draining the swamp. Only time will tell – and there ain’t that much left of it. And so many of us have much to lose.





Unmasking a Bee Swarm

swarm insects bees honey

Photo by Pixabay on

Given the utter absurdity of our daily lives now, nothing can really be considered odd or unexpected.

Having recently taken up beekeeping I am noticing how Twitter mirrors a beehive. There’s a rhythm of activity to bees. And then there is swarming – something you want to avoid, which can be explained in broader scientific terms, but is a chaotic event interrupting the cadence of the hive.

With the revelations of the “unmasking” of Mike Flynn, there was a swarming event. Twitter erupted today. Something changed.

What really happened will become clear in the coming days and weeks and perhaps months. Many of us have known and anticipated these events, but have perhaps been discouraged with so much time passing and nothing happening.

It must be noted that nothing beats Trump’s timing – in the midst of a Caronavirus plague, shut-down face off, press cage match, Fauci-Brix standoff,  introduction of the bombshell blonde press secretary, killer hornets are coming, new normal, never to eat in a restaurant again, vaccine will take five years, but maybe two months and if you got it we’re not sure if you can get it again, oh but kids might now be getting it, we’re not sure what we are all inevitably facing (even though our Covid-19 death models were 90% inaccurate and we’ve crashed the US economy and Dems are making the biggest attempted power grab since FDR) when everyone is sure he is done – BOOM all of the sudden declassified documents are released which prove the savage and relentless tactics of the Obama White House.

Dishonest, nefarious, ruthless, underhanded, exploitive, life-threatening for the victims, blood-thirsty for the potential victors, reckless, so risky to democracy and the underpinnings of our country’s Constitution – yet there they are. Facts in black and white.

Using the FBI, Trump’s opposition framed a guy – a 33 year veteran and Lieutenant General of the US military. Bankrupted him. Threatened his family. Yet, all of the sudden, there they are for the public to see and make a decision about how sentiment will go.

Joe Biden, the nice but forgetful guy in the basement, was the last unmasker on the list. Those of us in the know, we know they did it. We know why the did it and have no doubt that they’ll do it again. But we also know it isn’t up to us.

The future of the country is basically held in four states – Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. And what will those folks make of it all?

The press will spin and deny it. Sadly, there seems no accountability for them. The Twitter template for the Democratic Party looks like LIE, SPY and then DENY.

There will be lots of buzzing and noise but the future of our democracy basically comes down to how average Americans in four states feel about their daily life in the beehive.



A New Reality


Rest up, we’re in for a big week.

The weekend is best summarized by a post I saw. I can’t vouch for the authenticity but I can say this echoes many of the sentiments I’m hearing from both right and moderate sides of the aisle.

The attitude of the left is clear. Last week classes at Yale Law School were cancelled: Yale Law School Cancels Classes So Students Can Protest .

People are getting engaged, sharing their stories and social media is facilitating this. Interesting times – this hasn’t been done before. The battle for hearts is minds is being played out online.

The position of women is interesting. Behavior was of another era, moderated and judged in a different time and frame of mind.

“Written by a fellow physician mom with her permission to share. Thought it was an interesting perspective.

“I have been wondering why I am so viscerally bothered by what is going on with Brett Kavanaugh.

1. On a very personal level. I was a part of the party scene in college. I drank to excess. I had black out nights. I was groped at frat parties. If advances were unwanted I pushed the person away and set personal boundaries. I chose to be a part of the party scene. Because of this I had fun and I have regrets. I have been assaulted and not raped. I could replay a scenario like what was described as very similar to things that happened when excessive drinking occurred in my own experiences. At the age of 25 I settled down and now my idea of excitement is Netflix and yoga pants. If any of my patients saw my behavior back then now, I could understand why they wouldn’t want me to care for them. I feel like being a physician is every bit as important as being a Supreme Court Justice. The decisions we make over the span of our careers could change the lives of thousands of people and their descendants for years to come. The same can be said for the Supreme Court or any other political office held. The thing is, being free of any poor choices in the past does not, and should not disqualify them. I chugged bankers club whiskey in a cornfield and peed behind a dumpster 25 years ago. But Friday I used tiny instruments to remove infected bony partitions from the ethmoid sinus a few millimeters away from the brain. Should I have a right to operate on humans despite my past? You are damn right I do. You know why? Because I spent 20 years educating myself and sacrificing countless hours hours to get there. I gave up so much to be good at what I do, to be confident enough in myself to put myself out there to care for people who put their lives in my hands. My hands are capable in spite of my weaknesses of the past. Character is built partially on learning from mistakes. Brett Kavanaugh has devoted his life to public service and the past 20 years of his life is the definition of integrity. He deserves this appointment.

2. I am against the weaponization of victimhood. Believing unequivocally the woman every single time no matter what is giving women power to take out anyone in their path. That is not equality. This radical position is not the answer to gender discrimination and victims rights. No one can even place Brett Kavanaugh and Ford IN THE SAME ROOM at a party that zero people recollect except for the woman making the accusations. If every single woman must be believed every single time, we all know there will be circumstances by which someone will use this power for selfish reasons. It sets women back so far. This is not breaking the glass ceiling. This is not justice. This is wrong. Feel free to share.””

Supreme Court Showdown

Today was a pivotal day in American politics.

There were two online photographs of Dr. Blasey Ford and no one knew a lot about her or what to expect.

She appeared – hair colored well, perfect blow out, sensible Armani or Ralph Lauren conservative blue suit. Spectacles. She’d been well-prepared and was a good study. She was warm, appropriately demure, approachable and more importantly believable; both intelligent and fragile.

Dr. Ford wasn’t comfortable with the eye glasses and her fancy blow out kept getting her stuck in her face. It was like watching an actor who doesn’t really smoke puff away onscreen. It’s not real.

Dr. Ford succinctly went through her experience. Although viscerally painful Dr. Ford’s testimony wouldn’t substantiate a search warrant or arrest warrant let alone a civil or criminal case in any court. There was no who, where, when or really why. The only constant was Judge Kavanaugh.

Intriguingly in the press it has always been Dr. Ford or Dr. Balsey Ford vs. Kavanuagh, while he was Brett to her but never Judge Kavanaugh.

Perhaps Dr. Ford did suffer a sexual assault at some point; however no evidence, more importantly no further evidence was offered that it was at the hands of Judge Brett Kavanagh.

Dr. Ford’s lawyers were appropriately and expensively litigious despite their assurances this was pro-bono representation. It was difficult to reconcile specifics about some parts of the described night with her inability to remember where she was or how she got home. Her repeated recollection of laughter after the alleged assault was especially jarring.

Senators on both sides of the isle were deferential. But Democrats quickly pontificated about the harmful affects of sexual assault treating Dr. Ford as a hero lauding her bravery and praising her guidance for all Americans

Mid-day approached with hesitancy to see Judge Kavanaugh come on board. The Democratic “machine” worked providing a hard performance to beat.

Outfoxed, outsmarted, out-messaged, out-socialmedia-ed,  out maneuvered AGAIN?

Rachel Mitchell was hired to ask questions on behalf of the Republican Senators. The format was difficult with five minutes in between questioning. It was fractured and didn’t allow for rapport-building. However the visual could have been a lot worse with the “old white guys” asking the fragile Dr. Ford personal questions on the floor.

Then Brett Kavanaugh strode in.

He boxed, he ducked, he punched and rolled and then he cried. It was one of the most startling things ever seen. His opening statement was remarkable and more importantly not what anyone expected.

It was a mixture of anger, disbelief, defiance, visceral pain but it was relatable, it wasn’t scripted. Real is compelling.


Kavanaugh talked about his professional career, accomplishments, relationships, his wife, his children and his family and prayer. His rage gave way to tears and this disarmed his opponents – they were lost in his unanticipated grief. One of the most touching moments was when he talked about how much he loved coaching and would likely never do so again.

After a rocky first questioning by Senator Diane Feinstein Kavanaugh called for a recess. This was wise – he needed to collect himself.

Then, realizing the tepid questioner Rachel Mitchell wasn’t helping, Senator Lindsay Graham rode into town. Mic drop…if you haven’t seen it here it is: Senator Lindsay Graham at Kavanaugh Hearing 

“You got nothing to apologize for. When [you see Justices] Sotomayer and Kagan, say hello because I voted for them. I’d never do to them what you’ve done to this guy. This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to this guy. Are you a gang rapist?” Senator Graham asked.

“I cannot imagine what you and your family have gone through. Boy, you [Democrats] all want power. God, I hope you never get it. I hope the American people can see through this sham. That you knew about it and you held it. You had no intention of protecting Dr. Ford. None.

She’s as much of a victim as you are. God, I hate to say it because these have been my friends, but let me tell you, when it comes to this, you’re looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. Do you consider this a job interview?”

Senator Graham wrapped up with:

“One thing I can you should be proud of: Ashley, you should be proud of this. That you raised a daughter who had the good character to pray for Dr. Ford. To my Republican colleagues, if you vote no, you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics. …

I hope you’re on the Supreme Court. That’s exactly where you should be. And I hope that the American people will see through this charade. And I wish you well. You well. And I intend to vote for you, and I hope everybody who’s fair minded will.”

Truthfully it took Kavanaugh a minute to understand what was happening. It took the bloviating Democrats a moment to understand how fortunes had turned.

There’s the Saul Alinsky playbook – the smug superiority with which the Democratic party operates.

Today was a page out of the Donald Trump playbook – the unexpected. The defensive. The willingness for people to fight for which they believe. The love of country, the belief of patriotism, family, tradition and America. And God.

The alt-Left is unfamiliar with this. They do not know what to do when called out regarding their blatant deceptiveness of holding back Dr. Ford’s accusations from due process.

The likelihood of Judge Brett Kavanaugh now being appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States at 90+%.

An article in the Wall St. Journal by Peggy Noonan on February 1, 2018 entitled The Left’s Rage and Trump’s Peril made observations which seemed to make particular sense today:

“Here it should be said of the rising left of the Democratic party that they are numerous, committed, and have all the energy – it’s true. But they operate at a disadvantage they cannot see, and it is that they are loveless. The social justice warriors, the advancers of identity politics and gender politics, the young who’ve just discovered Socialism and they run on rage.

But rage is a poor fuel in politics. It produces a heavy, sulfurous exhaust and pollutes the air. It also gets few miles per gallon. It has many powers, but not the power to persuade, and if anything does them in it will be that.”

Is this a new beginning?




Harvey & Irma, DACA, Emmys, Manafort & Rocket Man

1060x600-bc28b0b851ddd74e071accc241b15e5fWhat is the Sam Hill is going on?

Florida is devastated by Harvey and Irma marches through Texas. Trump nonchalantly tells Obama’s Dreamers to hit the road. The obtusely sycophantic Hollywood set thinks the rest of us care about their political opinions. No one watches. Trump flips off the UN, brands North Korea’s Rocket Man and Mueller’s FBI haul Mr. & Mrs. Manafort out of bed at gunpoint. Not necessarily in that order.

We all knew Trump would be good at hurricane recovery efforts. This is what he does – he builds buildings orchestrating a life size erector set. He solves problems and gets results. This is how he built his fortune.

And he loves people. In my opinion, this is the single largest factor the cognoscenti have missed. Trump loves the people. He loves seeing them, talking to them, getting in the trenches, hearing their stories. The elitist preach to us from the halls of Washington and their air conditioned cars knowing nothing about the regular human experience.

What did the press cover? Melania’s shoes. That she wore heels on Air Force One and how unrealistic that was for storm patrol. Really?

Noticeably absent in the MSM – gratuitous photo ops of Mr. Trump and hurricane survivors. Absent as well was the mass hysteria of the botched recovery effort, meaning it was going well.


Irma hit Florida on the 8th and with hurricane prep well underway on September 5th Trump and Jeff Sessions announce, somewhat casually, that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was essentially illegal and would have to go. I groaned wondering why on earth Trump would bring this up right before hurricane arrival.

In retrospect it looks like a very crafty move.

The Main Stream Media predictably went bananas. This was horrific, unAmerican, “not who we are.” Pics of the Statue of Liberty weeping promptly made their way through Instagram and Facebook.

Many think this topic, essentially Amnesty and/or iterations of it, is the most essential discussion of our time. The most crucial to the cultural debate – keeping America in the spirit envisioned by our founders or making the shift to a Socialistic, European like highly subsidized society.

We somehow lose the key argument in the hysteria. The Democrat’s plan for shifting the United States into the utopia they envision is to allow the existing illegals in the US to stay (starting with the Dreamers,) give them voting rights, then allow them to bring their families to the US and gradually shift the US electorate to a firm D for decades to come. Or with declining US birth rates, perhaps permanently. The quid pro quo obviously being that this class of new Americans will almost exclusively vote Democrat.

There are approximately 11 Million illegal immigrants currently in the US. The numbers vary and some are drastically higher. If the US gives Amnesty to 11M people, what do we do with their families? America cannot possibly turn her back on the families of huddled masses – they must come too. If 11M have on average 3 family members (most likely more) you suddenly go from 11M to 44M. At the current population of 325M in the 2016 election 58% or 128,864,246 people voted. 65,884,610 were With Her and 62,979,636 voted Trump. 11M votes alone is 8.5% or the current electorate. With their families in tow and the respective math it’s a slam dunk for the Dems.

Let’s get it straight – that plan, the great cultural shift, is what we are talking about. Not the racist smokescreen, dogwhistle bullshit being thrown up by the MSM.

Onto the Emmys.

My breath is taken away by the arrogance, the complete lack of understanding, the colored ribbon wearing of Hollywood’s most “esteemed” cast of characters. Firstly, movie returns are in the trash, if no one has noticed. I for one will not go to a theater or allow my children to go because (likely paranoid, but substantiated) movie theaters are potential terrorist targets. Given the garbage movies are today and individualized programming of NetFlix, Amazon and HULU, perhaps the Emmys carry more water now that the Oscars. This interesting phenomenon oddly is rarely discussed.

Stephen Colbert as the host exemplifies that tone deafness of the industry. I’m not sure what Sean Spicer was doing there. Either suffering from PTSD or looking for new career options. Alec Baldwin, recovered drug addict who notoriously called his daughter a pig on recorded voice mail, is clearly gaining traction with his Trump impression. Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda dragged poor Dolly Parton into the act, but (although she looks spectacular) Fonda’s political antics are well known.

I happened to be a fan of the HULU series depicting Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. It was well-done and provocative. NO, it has nothing to do with Trump’s vision for America. That’s a real stretch folks. It’s good viewing and I encourage people to watch it but the exploitation of subject matter is yet another move of desperation by the left.

Elizabeth Moss (best known for Mad Men) has exemplified herself as a courageous risk-taker in Hollywood putting forth innovative projects. Literally offering your middle finger with a handful of Emmy Awards is indeed poor behavior and beneath someone who has achieved so much.


That is what happened, but how it happened is mind-boggling. It appears these folks primp and prepare, oh and ah and expect the rest of America to stay tuned while they bash the President, the country, the 63M people who voted for Trump and decry the democratic process. These are dangerous waters folks.

It’s infuriating and sheer narcissism that we should care. Why would want to hear their opinions? It is crude, crass and misguided. And wrong. They apparently spend more time with their trainers and stylists then the ratings tabulators. Long term I’m not sure what happens when 63M people tune out.

As for Manafort, Russia still looks like a nothing burger. Maybe it’s too soon to say but from the outside looking in it resembles the First Stage of Grief as detailed by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in Death & Dying: DENIAL.

Rocket Boy will be forever known. He’s insane, dangerous and the North Korean regime has starved or executed an estimated between 240,000 and 3.5M people in the past 70 years. In a country with a population of 25M this is possibly the largest human rights crisis of my lifetime. Rocket Boy is without a doubt one of the baddest hombres out there.


The UN has long deserved the middle finger extended by Mr. Trump. They’ve been wasteful, arrogant and ineffective. The MSM watches aghast. Trump supporters are happy their guy seems to be emerging from a self-imposed shadow and is back to business telling people he’s going to Make America Great Again.

Get out of the way.